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Jeffrey Bruinsma has proven himself to be one of the most remarkable jazz violin players of his generation. His personal style of composition together with his passionate playing have gained him international acclaim.
He studied classical and jazz violin at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and the Conservatory of Amsterdam, graduating cum laude in 2002.

Jeffrey has since led his own group Bruinsma Syndicaat, a contemporary jazz ensemble, releasing their first CD Area 51 in 2009. He has played with (among others) theater group Orkater, singer Maarten van Roozendaal, the Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw, Scapino Ballet and Room Eleven.

May 2006 he won the Deloitte Jazz Award in the Bimhuis of Amsterdam. The jury called him a communicative and creative musician and praised his well-built improvisations and passionate playing

Along with choreographer David Middendorp and bass player Brice Soniano, Jeffrey was part of the creative team for Basluik, After Dark, Mr. Hands, composing the music. They make shows with a magical mixture of dance, music and animation. In januari 2010 they premiered their new piece Maanschaduw.

Currently Jeffrey is also teaching jazz violin at the Conservatory of Amsterdam.

 Photography Merlijn Doomernik