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Jasper le Clercq is a lucky guy who's life is full of diverse musical activities.
He is touring around the world with Zapp4.
As an improvising violinist he is a member of New Niks; a high energy band that can really rock but also includes lots of (free) improvisation.
With Jargon he is floating in the No man’s land between improvisation and composition.
The often absurdistic animations of Kijkshock are accompanied by a brisk live band and with poetess Tjitske Jansen he regularly plays his electrified violin at festivals and literary evenings.

With his own Jasper le Clercq Quartet he makes colorful music, which always tells a story.
As a composer and arranger Jasper writes with a lot of pleasure for all sorts of music and theatre projects.

 Photography Merlijn Doomernik