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Emile Visser (1973) studied with Godfried Hoogeveen and Dmitri Ferschtman at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. During his classical studies he started playing jazz, pop music and world music in the Ricciotti Ensemble as section leader of the celli. Later he studied with Henk Huizinga and Frans Elsen (jazz arranging) and Erik Gieben (jazz piano).
In 1994 he joined ZAPP4, then still called Popstrijkers.
After his graduation he continued to develop his playing of different music styles: while regularly playing in classical orchestras he also performed with cello quartet Djessus with Ernst Reijseger, with Bayuba Cante (latin/Cuban music), Ilse de Lange (pop), Jargon (with Maurice Horsthuis), with Eric Vaarzon Morel (Flamenco) and Bart van Dongen in a show for cello, laptop and 10 skaters.

Emile Visser is member of the Metropole Orkest, the well-known jazz and pop orchestra in the Netherlands.

 He also plays folk- and Klezmer music with Nikitov.

 Photography Merlijn Doomernik