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1997: After several years of rehearsing and studying the Zapp String Quartet is born. The group wins the first prize at the Anova Jazz Concours 1997.
1998: Friedmar Hitzer enters the group, for the next 11 years Zapp will be: Jasper le Clercq -violin; Friedmar Hitzer -violin; Oene van Geel -viola; Emile Visser -cello.
1999: Collaborations with pop group Nits, CD Wool (1999).
2002: Dextro, first CD: with (pop) singer Vera van der Poel. We have played many years with Vera, it was great to work with her.
2003: Chamber Grooves, second CD, with Clarinetist / saxophonist David Kweksilber & piano player Jozef Dumoulin, Oene van Geel composed new music for this project (commissioned by the SJU Jazz Festival).
2004: Collaborations with group trio Agog, many live concerts and a CD of this project Meltdown. Concerts in Germany, Hungary and Japan.
2005: The quartet was granted the prestigious Dutch Kersjesprijs Award in 2005.
Passaggio, third CD (with guest appearance of Jeffrey Bruinsma, violin).
2006: First tour in Canada, with clarinet player James Campbell.
2007: Tour in America (Rochester jazz festival).
2008: Peculiar, fourth CD. Second tour in Canada.
2009: Tour with Zappazzo, a performance for children, for string quartet and dancers. After 11 years Friedmar Hitzer leaves Zapp4, Jeffrey Bruinsma joins us.
Third tour in Canada, tour in Sweden, Sicily, concert in Dublin, Ireland.
2010: Concert in Oslo, Norway. Zapp Centrifuge tour. Fifth CD Radiohunter.

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