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Zapp 4
Zapp4 in the Concertgebouw - photo Floriaan Ganzefoort
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Beste Herman - Zapp4 + Spinvis

Punkt 2014 Zapp4 + Jan Bang

Poetic Dynamite (Zapp4 + Anton Goudsmit + Jan Rokyta)

Exit Music - from The Radiohead Songbook

Paranoid Android - from The Radiohead Songbook

How To Disappear Completely - from The Radiohead Songbook


We Suck Young Blood - Live in Caïro

Hemelse Chaos (Zapp4 + Abdelkader Benali)

Zapp 4 + Spinvis - De Onverklaarbare Reis

Carnaval des Animaux

IndiAndaluz - met Eric Vaarzon Morel en Niti Ranjan Biswas

Radiohead Songbook - You and Whose Army

Unseen variation

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