"Een wervelend album, dat bij tijd en wijle schuurt, punkt en grunge't. Het instrumentarium is ternauwernood heel gebleven... Maar ook de gevoelige snaar wordt door ons geraakt. Wat rest zijn 9 pareltjes van bekende en obscuurdere liedjes van Nirvana. Dit alles door ons bewerkt op volstrekt Zappiaanse wijze. Rauwe blues, een sinister wiegenliedje, een strijkkwartet dat door het moeras zakt; ga het horen op onze nieuwe cd!" ORDER
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CD We Suck Young BloodWE SUCK YOUNG BLOOD (2012)
Zapp 4 takes the challenge to play The Radiohead Songbook.
On this CD Zapp 4 interprets songs of possibly the most popular band since the Beatles, and plays its own fresh and sparkling arrangements of songs like Paranoid Android and We Suck Young Blood.
The playfulness and timeless lyrical approach of Radiohead fits seamlessly with the spirit of Zapp 4. The core of each song stays intact while they contribute to it with complete original Zappian ingredients. ORDER
The Eraser
We Suck Young Blood
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Radio HunterRADIOHUNTER (2010)
With this CD Zapp 4 dives into the deep and presents, for the first time, a CD with exclusively their own compositions. This is also the first CD with Jeffrey Bruinsma who brings his great improvising skills and tasteful compositions to the band. With each song Zapp 4 explores another sound world. Sometimes the music is poetic, grounded and illustrative. Sometimes it’s rough, cooking and lyrical.
Radiohunter is an ode to fantasy. ORDER
Radiohunter - Oene van Geel
Unseen - Jeroen van Vliet, Oene van Geel
After Dark - Jeffrey Bruinsma
Bollywood - Jasper le Clercq
BMW - Jasper le Clercq

PeculiarPECULIAR (2008)
The Zapp 4 album with lots of music by American and Canadian composers. John Scofield's rolling grooves, progressive rock of Mike Keneally, rich harmonic lines by Brent Fischer and an exciting pizzicato piece by Mark Feldman are only some of the examples you can enjoy on this cd.
Peculiar in many ways. ORDER
Wind Machine - Allan Gilliland
La Blues - Gene Dinovi
Peculiar - John Scofield
PTV - Zapp String Quartet

For this album Zapp asked their favourite Dutch composers in the field of jazz and improvised music to write music for new string quartet. Composers such as Arend Niks, Guus Janssen, Ernst Reijseger and Martin Fondse wrote great pieces with lots of options for improvisation (we love that!).
Passaggio gave us lots of exposure in the Netherlands as well as abroad. ORDER
Rapide et Lent - Oene van Geel
Het Gouden Wagentje - Jeffrey Bruinsma
Wij Dansen - Oene van Geel
Megamorth - Arend Niks

Oene van Geel was commissioned by the VPRO radio to write new music for the SJU Jazz Festival 2002. He asked two of his favourite musicians to join Zapp 4 in this adventure: David Kweksilber (clarinet / bass clarinet) and Jozef Dumoulin (piano / Fender Rhodes). The music consists of extreme combinations of rock, Indian and chamber music. We were happy to play a lot of Chamber Groove concerts with David and Jozef. ORDER
Opener - Oene van Geel
African Song - Oene van Geel
On the Rock - Oene van Geel
Arvo & Jeff - Oene van Geel

Our first CD. It clearly shows how we started: Zapping from one style to another. A moving tango, a wild Bulgarian dance, bigband music for string quartet, electronic dance music (played with our acoustic line up) with Vera van der Poel (singer), crazy country and western by Paul Pallesen.
It is still big fun to hear our musical roots. ORDER
Milonga - Oene van Geel
Dextro - Jasper le Clercq
Lucky number - Mimezine
Cripple - Paul Pallesen